An organization of citizens dedicated to volunteering service to their neighbors in time of need.
The Chagrin Valley Citizen's Radio Group (DBA Chagrin Valley REACT) is a charter team of REACT International.
A Small Select List of Services We Provide


Traffic control is a major part of our organizations ability and function. Our members are trained and experienced in traffic control and when requested, support local authorities at events in the community such as the Blossom Run in Chagrin Falls, the annual 4th of July Celebration in Bainbridge Township, and other events throughout the year. When properly requested, we also provide assistance redirecting traffic around significant emergencies or after inclement weather has caused road closures and local resources are strained.​​




SIGNAL SUPPORT (Communications)

Communications expertise is one of the core functions of our operation.  Our members, as well as our communications center, have the capability of operating several radio systems including CB, amateur HF, VHF and UHF bands, FRS/GMRS, and local public safety systems, as well as a dedicated UHF repeater system for our operations.  We are able to coordinate our activities and that of other agencies, and relay traffic as needed.

During phone outages, power outages, severe storms, and other significant local emergencies, our communications center is manned and monitors CB Channel 9, FRS/GMRS Channel 1, and local amateur radio repeaters for the purpose of relaying distress calls or requests for assistance from the public to local authorities in the event that phone systems are overloaded or disabled  

As a public service, as well as to maintain our training and readiness in the event of an emergency, our team provides communications support to public events in the area such as local school parades, the annual Blossom Parade in Chagrin Falls, and other events in conjunction with local amateur radio organizations.


Members properly trained by the National Weather Service SKYWARN program participate in sanctioned spotter activation during times of pending inclement weather.  Members make observations on cloud formations, wind speeds, rain/hail reports, and funnel clouds and relay these reports via radio to our communications center where they are forwarded to the National Weather Service Office in Cleveland to assist in issuing warnings and advising the public.

This program significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to notify the residents in the Chagrin Valley area of a tornado or other significant threat, with the ability to provide notification to local police and fire dispatch centers simultaneously with the Weather Service.


In connection with FEMA and NIMS training, our team trains to support the community with information gathering, storm damage assessments, and other damage surveys used to help quickly move resources and aid to where they are needed - as well as assist the movement of supplies and aid to those areas. We provide needed aid to the over worked safety forces in times of large disaster. Our team is able to support 4 medium to large size home developments at a moments notice and with federal support for weeks on end.