An organization of citizens dedicated to volunteering service to their neighbors in time of need.
The Chagrin Valley Citizen's Radio Group (DBA Chagrin Valley REACT) is a charter team of REACT International.
About Us
Serving the Chagrin Valley Area Since 1998
Welcome to the Chagrin Valley REACT website!  We are a non-profit volunteer public service organization based in Bainbridge Township, Ohio. 
Our members are residents of the community from all walks of life who have volunteered to serve their neighbors should the need arise.  In the event of a large-scale emergency or incident within or around our community, our team is prepared to support local government officials and the community with communications personnel and equipment, traffic control, logistical support, and light search and rescue.
Our team currently has mutual-aid agreements with surrounding area REACT teams and amateur radio service organizations to provide or receive additional manpower and resources from all across the state of Ohio.
As a means of serving the community, as well as maintaining training and readiness, we perform various services at community functions and events.  Some of these include traffic control at parades, runs, festivals, and Neighborhood Safety Watch patrols during Halloween.  For more information and for a list of events we routinely assist, click on the "Services" icon above.
Our Team is a chartered member of REACT International, an organization of similar teams across the country who perform in a similar capacity to our own.  REACT traces it's roots back to the early 1960s when CB radio was a common means of communication for motorists.  Before the advent of the cellular phone, REACT members monitored CB channel 9 and relayed emergency calls from motorists to local authorities.  While it remains federal law that CB channel 9 may only be used for distress or emergency radio traffic, most REACT teams have transitioned away from 24 hour a day monitoring and have devoted their resources to other means of service.
The Chagrin Valley REACT Communications Center monitors CB channel 9 when it is stationed during storms, floods, power or phone outages, or other time of local emergency.  We have the capacity to relay emergency calls from the public to local police, fire, and EMS officials.   
Our team does not have the authority nor the desire to operate autonomously or independently.  All team functions aside from training and Signal Support occur at the request and under the guidelines of a local government agency which possesses the authority do so, such as the Police Department, Fire Department, Sheriff's Office, or School Board.